Lessons From Flint: Why We Miscalculate Investments

What was the grand total cost of the water crisis in Flint, Michigan?  One straightforward and common measurement, used by the city itself, would account for the expense of replacing the infrastructure: an estimated investment in over 6,000 water pipes. Retroactively, however, it’s easy to view headlines and understand avoiding this situation would have saved the city on a seemingly endless list of consequential costs, including 12 deaths, the felony convictions of government employees, lifetim

We hope you had a pleasant and well-communicated stay- The future of communications in hospitality

Gone are the days when hospitality groups target a specific type of customer such as the business traveler or sun seekers enjoying an 1830’s holiday. Hotels have had to become a much more adaptable industry, and, if you sit in a hotel lobby today, you will soon realize the variety of guests checking in, each with their own unique expectations. Some guests are buying into a budget experience, while others are looking for recognition for their loyalty to the hotel group. In a world where we increa

Enterprises Are Being Forced to Cut the Cord, Will You Be Their Replacement?

As telecommunication junkies, we are well aware of the benefits of IP voice versus the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Whether speaking to the higher resolution of voice calls, availability and scalability of IP-based services, or any other of the numerous benefits of IP voice, the difference is clear to us. Certain prospects, however, need a nudge to change bad habits. In possibly less than four years, the FCC has commenced a process which plans to implement the switch-off of the PSTN

The Impossible Vacation and the Promise of Full UC

As many of us traveled this past holiday season, we were reminded, sometimes begrudgingly, how easy it is to stay connected. Here is a classic example. Let’s say I was busy socializing with distant relatives miles away from headquarters when a co-worker checks my presence status on our enterprise unified communications client. Seeing that I am available on my mobile device, they send me a quick instant message to let me know they have an important question. Responding I am available to talk, the

Deriving an ROI from Going Green

“Going green,” “sustainability,” reducing a “carbon footprint” – we have heard these as common PR buzzwords; however, trends show enterprises are “going green” for more reasons than marketing.  Sustainability practices are becoming the new standard for affecting the bottom line and cutting costs.  As organizations seek economic viability through green initiatives, Fast Company, among others, list common strategies among businesses seeking green solutions.  These include: According to Frost & Su

Clearing some myths about buying mobile advertising - Mobile Marketer

There were conflicting statements made throughout Advertising Week about the seemingly daunting process for creating and buying for mobile. I want to address this head-on for every advertiser nationwide. You already know how to buy mobile ads. You have spent years creating advertising campaigns and buying media on television, radio, print, outdoor and the Internet. The principles are the same, and the process is soun